Stelised Inc.

A Technology Tooling and Molding Company

“Your single source for Laser Focused Speed Solutions”

Stelised Inc. has earned a reputation for laser-focused customer satisfaction. Primarily supporting Point-Of-Purchase (P.O.P.) display retail marketing companies, Stelised has demonstrated Quality and Speed that exceeds the demands of the P.O.P. marketplace

Stelised's unique “Time Share” tooling solution

enables us to offer quick turn-around, cost competitive, tooling alternatives starting at $1,800. Specializing in a full range of services, from Mold Construction and Plastics Injection Molding, to complete Value Added Contract Manufacturing with Direct Product Distribution, Stelised’s proven performance is delivered through an energized, highly experienced, and dedicated customer focused team… ready to offer Your next solution.

Stelised's Inc.
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Custom Plastics Injection Molding Insert Molding Over Molding Quick change Time-Share Molding Tonnage range 55 Ton to 770 Ton “Many of our customers have implemented programs with Stelised originally thought to be too expensive to execute when quoted through other sources.”


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